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Professional Paver Sealing Services

Sealing your pavers is the most effective way to keep your outdoor investment looking great for years to come.  Keep your walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and other hardscapes protected from the effects of harsh Florida weather conditions and reduce moss growth with our professional paver sealing services.

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Keep Your Home Looking Its Best!

Since Florida has a hot and moist climate, pavers and natural stone materials and the joint sand tend to break down, or weeds and moss grow in the joints. Paver cleaning will need to be done regularly. Protection and regular maintenance will go a long way to protecting your investment and keeping your outdoor space looking its best.
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How It Works

Our high performance sealers produce a protective finish that will return the original depth of color, repel stains and inhibit surface deterioration. Just like sealing tile or granite in your house, your outdoor pavers need the same care to maintain their clean and fresh look.

Take a look at the many benefits to paver sealing and paver restoration!

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  • Inhibits weed growth and insect infestations
  • Prevents deterioration of sand in joints
  • Repels grime and dirt
  • Makes routine cleaning simple
  • Enhances color, texture and brightness
  • Diminishes the effects of weather conditions
  • Cuts down on deterioration and wear
  • Encourages long lasting beauty and aesthetic and financial value

What Our Clients Say

We are the preferred paver cleaning, paver sealing, and paver restoration service company in Flagler County and the surrounding Palm Coast Florida Area.

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We pride ourselves on only the highest quality exterior cleaning services, including paver cleaning, paver restoration, and paver sealing. Get your free estimate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does an estimate include?

Our free estimate includes assessing the size and scope of the project, and evaluating the overall current state and appearance of the pavers, bricks or stones. Our proposal will include an all inclusive plan for cleaning, restoring, and sealing your outdoor space.

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What if I have failed sealer?

Paver sealer fails for several reasons. In almost all cases, it's directly a result of improper preparation prior to applying the sealer, or the use of a poor quality sealer - or both. Solvent based sealers and poor quality water based sealers are not suggested for the tropical Florida climate. This is primarily due to two main reasons:

1. Solvent based sealers cannot be applied when moisture is present. Moisture weakens the bond that the solvent based sealer makes to the paver, creating
airspace that eventually fills with moisture/condensation. This condensation creates a milky appearance to it that blocks out the colors of the pavers. Coastal Florida has a climate with a moisture level so high it's nearly impossible to seal pavers with with solvent based sealers.
2. Poor quality water based sealers, and solvent based sealers do not allow ground moisture to escape through the sealer.

Our sealer dries with microscopic pores allowing this naturally occurring process to happen. When moisture is trapped beneath the sealer, it causes it to delaminate from the paver and create airspace. That space eventually fills with moisture, turns white and looks unsightly.

What other considerations do you take into account?
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We consider condition, drainage, grade, and prior failed sealer and other potential problem areas.

Do you do repair work?
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We are equipped to handle only minor repair work. If needed, we make recommendations for more extensive repairs that may need to be done before continuing.

When can you start?
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We work around your schedule. Let's schedule a time that works best for you! Fill out this short form and we will be in touch.

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