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Florida's Best Paver Sealing & Restoration

Flagler Clean and Seal is a full service brick, stone, and paver restoration, cleaning, and sealing company. Northeast Florida's leader in Brick Paver Cleaning, Sealing and Restoration! We have the knowledge and equipment necessary to get your paver cleaning, paver sealing, or paver restoration project done with the quality you expect.

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Our Process

Many companies advertise power washing services or exterior cleaning, but Flagler Clean and Seal recognizes there is more to the process than power washing your bricks, stone, or pavers. The climate in Florida breaks down these natural materials over time and leaves them looking worn and sometimes uneven or filled with weeds and moss.
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1. Recommended Repairs

First things first, we evaluate your current paver, brick, or concrete condition and make any necessary repairs. If the necessary repairs are major, we may make a separate recommendation for repairs before continuing.

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2. Thorough Cleaning

Next, our professional power washing services clean the area thoroughly washing away old sand, dirt, weeds and moss.

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3. Fill the Gaps

Next we wet sand with premium joint sand, this ensures the sand is compacted all the way down for optimal joint stabilization.

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4. Protect & Seal

Lastly we apply a high performance sealer, it provides long-lasting benefits including easier maintenance, visual enhancement and protection of the surface ultimately protecting your investment.

What Our Clients Say

We are the preferred paver cleaning, paver sealing, and paver restoration service company in Flagler County and the surrounding Palm Coast Florida Area.

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We pride ourselves by doing the job right the first time. To get that job done right the first time we use high performance premium products for your investment. Get your free estimate today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does an estimate include?

Our free estimate includes assessing the size and scope of the project, and evaluating the overall current state and appearance of the pavers, bricks or stones. Our proposal will include an all inclusive plan for cleaning, restoring, and sealing your outdoor space.

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What if I have failed sealer?

Paver sealer fails for several reasons. In almost all cases, it's directly a result of improper preparation prior to applying the sealer, or the use of a poor quality sealer - or both. Solvent based sealers and poor quality water based sealers are not suggested for the tropical Florida climate. This is primarily due to two main reasons:

1. Solvent based sealers cannot be applied when moisture is present. Moisture weakens the bond that the solvent based sealer makes to the paver, creating
airspace that eventually fills with moisture/condensation. This condensation creates a milky appearance to it that blocks out the colors of the pavers. Coastal Florida has a climate with a moisture level so high it's nearly impossible to seal pavers with with solvent based sealers.
2. Poor quality water based sealers, and solvent based sealers do not allow ground moisture to escape through the sealer.

Our sealer dries with microscopic pores allowing this naturally occurring process to happen. When moisture is trapped beneath the sealer, it causes it to delaminate from the paver and create airspace. That space eventually fills with moisture, turns white and looks unsightly.

What other considerations do you take into account?
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We consider condition, drainage, grade, and prior failed sealer and other potential problem areas.

Do you do repair work?
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We are equipped to handle only minor repair work. If needed, we make recommendations for more extensive repairs that may need to be done before continuing.

When can you start?
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We work around your schedule. Let's schedule a time that works best for you! Fill out this short form and we will be in touch.

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